TD-NMR Applications

NMR Hardware of Spin Track type due to its versatility supports all standard NMR routines like AOCS Cd 16b-93, AOCS Cd 16-81, ISO 8292, IUPAC2.150 and creative scientific researches. Spin Track has been successfully approved in food and polymer industry for routine analysis. Also Spin Track many times has been introduced in R&D branch for complicated investigations. If your problem are not described below please submit it in Feedback.

Solid Fat Content (SFC) Analysis

Quality of food products containing fats and oils depends on solid fat content (SFC). SFC determination is an essential measurement in the bakery, confectionery and fat industries. NMR has been established as the method for SFC determination by ISO 8292. Measurements of SFC by NMR-analyzer Spin Track can be performed quickly and accurately with great benefit for manufacturer.

Simultaneous express-determination of Oil and Water in seeds

Sunflower, soybean, groundnut, rape and mustard are appreciated for their oil content, but excess of water content reduce their cost. Thus, an accurate and fast determination of oil and water content is important to both manufacturers and customers. NMR-analyzer Spin Track fulfils ISO 10565 requirements and gives possibility to simultaneous determination of oil and water content.

Oil/Fat and Moisture analysis in Chocolate, Powdered Milk, Cheese and other food products

Time of storage of food products strongly depends on moisture content. Excess of moisture leads to microbiological activity and makes food consumption dangerous. Fat and moisture content influence the taste. Manufactures also have to disclose exact information of fat content in regulations. NMR is the most exact and express method to determine these essential parameters. NMR analyzer Spin Track especially suitable for regular check of food quality.

Curing degree and elasticity analysis in rubber-type materials (312 KB)

The rheology is widely known now as basic method for rubber investigations for many years. But its equipment extremely expensive and complicated. NMR is very sensitive to structure and properties of investigated materials. NMR-analyzer Spin Track allows to obtain data complementary for rheology and may be more informative.

Time-domain 1H NMR measurements of carbon fibre samples (132 KB)

Time-domain 1H-NMR can be applied to characterize rubber impregnated carbon fibers. Results of measurements by Spin Track NMR-analyzer can be expressed in [amount of protons/length] or [amount of protons/mass] units. The results can be calibrated to percent ratio of rubber/carbon.

Defects Identification in Trachea Tubes by time-domain 1H NMR (275 KB)

Trachea tubes from high-quality natural rubber are dedicated to human lungs drainage. Unfortunately, their defects lead to danger for health and life of a patient. Several experiments were carried out to uncover TD-NMR possibilities in this application.

Moisture and Crystallinity analysis in polysaccharides

Polysaccharides like chitin, chitosan etc. are widely used because of inherent unique properties. Adsorbents and food bio additions based on them require regular check of quality. NMR-analyzer Spin Track allows to obtain information about moisture, crystallinity, purity and structure of polysaccharides.

Rock Cores Analysis

Possibility of oil development can be define more exactly on the initial stage using NMR. Rock cores saturated by bitumen or water provide information of degree of saturation, structure of saturating compounds. This information allows to predict whether oil will be located or not. NMR-analyzer Spin Track with 35mm probe gives possibility to obtain such information.

Scientific applications

The software Relax allows constructing of any types of the NMR pulse sequences, user-defined interfaces, data processing (digital experiments filtering, fitting, Fourier and Laplace transforms) and data manipulations. Thus, customers can directly run completely automated standard types of NMR experiments just “pressing one button” in the program shell or create the new application using the powerful pascal-like script language.

Wide-used experiments like measurements of T1 and T2 (90-tau-90, 180-tau-90, CPMG, FID) are included into the Relax software as default examples.

The NMR measurements are accompanied with the high precision calibration samples and built-in software calibration procedures. Easy automatic tuning of the NMR frequency, pulse-durations, TX power and RX gain is included into the software package.